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Artisan Leather Tote Bag

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$199.00 USD

Artisan Leather Tote Bag by V&P Leather Artisans

This timeless design created by V&P Leather Artisans will bring a wow factor to any Spring or Summer outfit you choose.

Handcrafted from Italian leather, it has plenty of room inside. It closes with a magnet snap and has snap buttons to prevent things to spill out. 

The tote has an elegant, still casual look. Slim and comfortable handles slip easily over the shoulder or arm.

Lined in leather, it features an inside pouch as an extra pocket, perfect to keep valuable things.

This tote bag is entirely handmade, from cutting and punching the holes, to stitching the leather wth the finest thread. This tote will keep its shape and, provided you take good care, will remain beautifil for the years to come.

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38/30/9 cm or 15/11.8/3.6 inch


1.8-2.2 mm chrome tanned leather aniline dyed

2 mm heavily parafined leather polished manually 

1.2 mm leather for lining


D-Rings: 2 x 25mm and 2 x 20mm 1

20mm buckle

2 snap buttons

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