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Leather Blueprint Tube PDF Pattern

$9.99 USD

Leather Blueprint Tube, PDF Pattern, DIY Leather

This contains a PDF pattern and written instructions for making a leather tube (not the actual tube).

This is the perfect storage tube for artists, photographers, graduates, architects, and business people looking to store or transport their most important work.

This is relatively easy to make project because of the thought through pattern and the stitching technique.

This DIY project can make a nice gift for him or her.

💡 The pattern and the hole spacing is calculated for precisely 3 mm (7.5 oz) vegetable tanned leather.

Size: 620/120 mm (24.4"/4.7")

The map case can be carried on the shoulder with an adjustable-length shoulder strap. The lid is closed with 2 Sam Browne studs.

If you need help about how to make this leather blueprint tube, please contact us on our Leatherwork Patterns Group on Facebook!


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