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3D Printed Leather Molds

We sell 3D leather molds, STL files for printing the molds and PDF patterns
for bags, googles, fanny packs, purse coins, Leatherman and EDC sheaths,
Zippo cases, that contain molded parts etc.
Check our collection of leather patterns with 3D printed molds.
The process of molding with 3D printed molds is easy and it is documented
in our video tutorials you can find in this section.
The 3D leather molds are the future in leather molding as they are relatively
easy and cheap to produce and create beautiful finish on a consistent basis.
With 3D printed molds you can obtain consistent results with less effort than
with the wooden molds.
Use our STL files and 3D printed molds with confidence. They are for real leather
goods that have stood the test of time.

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