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You can sell as many items you want using our patterns. Crediting #vasileandpavel would be greatly appreciated.

You you welcome to our Facebook Community and ask any question you might have regarding your work. We also provide one to one assistance through messenger. Just get in touch with us.

Please get in touch and we will send it/them by email.

An offer for purchasing one of our patterns at 1$, each Friday . Because we understand how expensive are the materials, the hardware and the tools, we thought we could help by making the patterns affordable. The 1$ patterns are as perfectly designed as all our other patterns. They have step by step instructional videos. The 1$ Friday pattern is our way to help our fellow leathercrafters to develope their skills without investing too much in patterns.

We have different types of monthly subscription. In the first tier (10$ subscription) you will receive the weekly 1$ patters and 1 pattern chosen by you. This way you will never miss our 1$ Friday pattern special.


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