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Biker Wallet Pattern, Leather Long, Bifold Wallet with Zipper and Chain Ring, PDF Pattern & Tutorial

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Biker Wallet Pattern, Leather Long Wallet, Bifold Wallet with Zipper, 2 closing system versions, Pattern & Tutorial

This is a detailed tutorial for making a biker wallet pattern. The pattern that comes with the tutorial has two versions of the closing system.


With many pockets, this leather wallet offers storage for all of your most important items. The wallet is made from vegetable tanned leather, lined partially with pigskin.

This wallet flips open to reveal card slots, hold up to 6 credit cards, a slip pockets to hold cash and receipts and a pocket closed with zipper for your important stuff.

The wallet has a metal ring to which you can hook a chain if you want.

The long design provides ample internal storage, allowing it to be the single wallet you need for your everyday activities and it neatly fits into your back pocket.

It can be of use for truckers, bikers and any long road travelers.

This can make a great gift for you significant one.

✪ Bifold wallet
✪ Internal layout: 4 bill slots, 1 long zip slot and 6 credit card slots
✪ Ring for chain

✪ closed: 10/19 cm or 3 ¹⁵/₁₆/7 ³¹/₆₄ inch
✪ fully opened: 21/19 cm or 8 ¹⁷/₆₄ / 7 ³¹/₆₄ inch

✪ BODY: 0.4 sqm (to be sure) 1.2 mm vegetable tanned leather
✪ LINING (the exterior): 0.6-0.8 mm pigskin
✪ 0.6 mm waxed thread

✪ 1 X 10-15 mm ring for chain
✪ 1 X 16 cm zipper

Tools & Equipment:
✪ cutter
✪ pricking irons 4 mm
✪ John James stitching needles
✪ rubber mallet
✪ cutting pad
✪ masking tape
✪ a good glue, preferably cement glue


PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS HERE(The pattern is for A4 size paper)




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